Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bucket List

I was just alerted to this fantastic article recently run in Poor Taste magazine by sometimes WWEIL contributor and generally excellent dude, Erik Pepple. "The 100 Hundred Greatest Cult Restaurants in America" is an epic list--and not so subtle challenge to the gastronomically inclined--that scours our great nation in search of those joints that elicit fervent devotion and violent salivation from their customers.

Personally I would've liked to have seen Cleveland Heights classic-cum-crunchy diner, Tommy's on the list, as well as Columbus' Jenni's Splendid Ice Creams

Check out the article and see what Poor Taste has to say. See how many you've knocked out on your travels, and plot a new course to gastronomic enlightenment.



Jon said...

i'm at six% with:

justin said...

I've done 11:
#1 Hot Doug's (This is what my heaven will be like.)
#5 Kuma's Korner (Their best burger is the Slayer: no bun, served on a pile of fries with anger and other toppings.)
#9 Ben's Chili Bowl (Good for the history, but not the most amazing chili ever.)
#40 Katz's Deli (Not the biggest pastrami sandwich in NYC, but probably the best.)
#57 Oklahoma Joe's BBQ (Among the best ribs I've ever eaten. This place is no joke.)
#58 Primanti Bros. (Absolutely over-rated. Does not deserve the attention it gets. I'd rather eat at a Sheetz.)
#61 Cafe du Monde (Tourist trap for sure, but a good one.)
#69 Anchor Bar (Birthplace of the Buffalo wing. Not mind blowing, but deserves recognition.)
#73 Pappy's Smokehouse (You've got to go early, because when they run out of meat they close early. And they do run out of meat, because it's awesome.)
#77 Redbones BBQ (Nice beer selection, affordable food specials, lackluster BBQ. Not sure why this made the list.)
#80 Salt Lick BBQ (On the other hand, I don't know why this one is languishing near the bottom. A rare Texas BBQ joint where the brisket is not the star of the show. Try the beef ribs, if they have 'em.)

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