Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Friends with the Liver Punisher!

A co-worker and I have been discussing the prospect of a "friendship potion." A concoction the consumption of which would bind the drinkers together forever in the bonds of friendship. But what magical elixer has such powers? Chocolate milk? Coffee? Poison? Good ideas for sure, but nothing that really captured the essence of friendship or would unite two or more people in hallowed halls of friendliness. I was stuck.

And then it dawned on me: booze. Drink bonds people together like social superglue, so our proposed Friendship Potion had to be massively alcoholic. There's no drink I can think of that renders drinkers as instantly stupified as the Long Island Iced Tea, but that's old hat. Our Friendship Potion had to be epic, something of an ordeal. A drink that would bond its consumers in drunkeness and experience.

This is what I've come up with:

In a shaker with ice combine:

  • 1 part 151 proof vodka

  • 1 part 151 proof rum, preferably white

  • 1 part gin, highest proof available

  • 1 part tequila, silver or white, highest proof available

  • 1/2 part red Gatorade

  • 1/2 part blue Gatorade

  • Splash raspberry schnapps

  • Dash each of lemon and lime juices

To drink this as a shot pour into shot glasses with a dash of Cherry 7up. As a cocktail serve this in a tall glass with ice and top with Cherry 7up. If you have access to dry ice garnish with a small sliver of dry ice for that erie, smokey potion effect!

Next time you have a gathering with friends, old or new, collect everyone's keys, mix up a batch. Real friends will help out and each bring a portion of the potion! Enjoy and be safe!

Coming soon from Liver Punisher: the Liver Punisher Cocktail!

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