Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ridiculous Eats XII and the Mountain of Meat!

After a holiday hiatus our ongoing look into the world of extreme foods is back!

Welcome to Ridiculous Eats XII: The Meta Meat Cake!

Bear witness to the glory of this mighty mountain and its unholy union of components! The mightily meaty monstrosity is a mounded mass of man’s meatiest meats. Build if you dare and eat at your own risk the following laundry list of butcher’s counter fodder:

- Bratwurst
- Chorizo
- Ground Beef
- Ground Pork
- Diced Ham
- Canadian Bacon
- Pepperoni
- Hickory Smoked Bacon
- Hot Cappy
- Queso Blanco
- Provolone
- Sharp Cheddar

But that’s not all! The above list is merely the filling in this meat monolith. After the stacking, the meat is then coated in a sausage/bacon/cheese ball dough and baked. And of course this is a cake so it needs to be decorated. Decorated with American and Cheddar Squeeze cheese and bacon!

Feel your pulse quicken and your arteries harden! Tremble before the mega Meta Meat Cake!


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