Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Food Stuff I Can't Live Without

I've been told I'm kinda bland. Not so much in the personality department, more so in taste bud land. So what if my beverage of choice is water and I think salad tastes better plain? Just because I don't wanna mar my delicious tacos with some hot sauce doesn't make me a total square. I can be a fan of a condiment here and there. Chick patties taste great with some Veganiase, and I can't eat a soy riblet without a bit of plain yellow mustard. But if there is absolutely one condiment I can't live without, it's ketchup. I would pretty much drench anything in it if that was more socially acceptable. I feel like I'm already pushing the limits when I top off my entire breakfast plate with it (hashbrowns, eggs, toast, and soy sausages all taste better swimming in sweet sweet ketchup). But whatevs, it's cheap and basically counts a vegetable serving, right? In fact, maybe that's what I should start spicin' my leafy greens up with...yeah...


jon said...

it's the perfect condiment. ketchup, or catsup, contains nearly every taste sensation pleasurable to ones pallet. it's got acidity thanks to tomatoes and vinegar. it's sweet thanks to a healthy dose of sugar and some from the tomatoes again. and, best of all, it's salty! thanks, mostly--ok totally, to salt.
sweet, sour, salty. everything you could ever want in one bright red sauce.
the only other single condiment i can think of that comes close to ketchup for complexity and simplicity in one bottle is...
worcestershire sauce!

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