Saturday, June 13, 2009

Misleading Pizza Article from MSN

I got really excited when I opened Explorer this morning and saw a link to an article about the best and worst chain pizzas in the country. While I'd much rather nom on some local or regional fare, the big boys do it right most of the time and will definitely do in a pizza pinch. My love of criticism, food writing, and pizza combine forces and my interest was piqued to say the least.

However, I was immediately disappointed by the content. This wasn't an article about the best and worst tasting chain pizzas, rather an assessment of the healthiness of chain pizzas. Yawn. Pizza's deliciousness, like most foods, is in direct correlation to how bad it is for you--this is why the Spice Lover's pizza at Myles's is possibly the greatest pizza on the face of the earth--and there for the article is somewhat backwards.

Also *SPOILER ALERT* one of the best pizzas on this list, and by best I mean healthiest in this case, came from Domino's. This is really the only way Domino's will ever reach the top of pizza heap.

Anyways check out the article here and decide for yourself:


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