Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just like Mom used to have nightmares about...

My mom taught me how to make meatloaf. Everybody's mom's meatloaves are the best in the world, but my mom's is absolutely better than yours. And mine is better than my mom's. Sorry mom. I rarely have leftover meatloaf (because it's so amazing and modest), but here I was with 5 slices of delicious, delicious saucy meat and I had to pack a lunch for work today.

Enter the meatloaf sandwich. We start with 2 slices of over-sauced meatloaf on the bottom bun.

And spread on some poblano mashed potatoes on the top bun.

Squish the two together (you can add a piece of cheese to this if you really want to push it over the top). Sandwich fit for a philosopher king.

This is the kind of ridiculous food this blog was borne of. I even thought about resting some asparagus spears across the bottom, but no sir, that would've been just too much...


Lucé said...

why junk that meal up with veggies? also, i rarely say this about meals made out of animals, but that looks delicious.

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