Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinner and a Movie: Bargin Night

Lucky enough to be in Cleveland on a Monday with nothing to do and a few bucks in your pocket, brother, you got it made!

Monday night is Bargain Night in Cleveland Heights and here's where to go:

Start your evening at The Tavern Company (2260 Lee Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44118)

Their Monday night special is a burger and a beer for just $5. Good luck finding a burger or a beer for that much, let alone both! The burger is standard, but delicious. I ordered mine medium and it was verging on medium well, but tasty nonetheless. A juicy, but not too fatty, third-pound patty served with pickles, onion, tomato, and your choice of cheese, this is accompanied by a hand full of golden fries. That alone is a worthy $5 special, but they also throw in a beer of your choice. When I first heard about this I figured that it would be just the cheap beers, but it applies to anything on their list. I had a Flying Dog IPA, and it was delicious. A special this great is sure to draw a crowd, but we were lucky enough to be seated immediately, however, I'm told this is not the case normally so plan on getting there early or waiting for a bit. All things considered, this might be the best meal deal... um, ever. I dare you to beat it.

Hunger sated and ready for fun, where do you go? Well if you walk down Lee to the intersection of Cedar you will find the Cedar Lee (http://www.clevelandcinemas.com/cinemadrilldown.asp?incCin=2921)

The Cedar Lee is the best place to see the majority of independent and foreign films that filter through Cleveland. Yeah, a few of the other theaters get some of the films, too, but not as often and not as wide a selection. And yeah, there's the CIA Cinematheque, but they only run their films for a few showings over the course of a week or two, giving you very little opportunity to see them. Nope, the Cedar Lee is definitely the way to go, especially on Mondays when you can see a show for just $5! (obviously the marquee's a little out of date)

Sensing a pattern? $5 movie, $5 burger and beer? Before tip and tax you've just had a night on the town for $10. $10!!! you can barely see a movie for that anymore, let alone get food and a drink. Not to mention you're in a great part of town, if you're looking for further entertainment you're within walking distance of any number of bars and night clubs and you're just a short drive from the Cedar-Fairmount area and Coventry, both rife with evening activities.

Monday night in Cleveland Heights really is the place to be and I dare you to find a better deal anywhere else.


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