Sunday, September 20, 2009

Workin' on Some Nightmoves

I took this past Saturday off to attend a wedding with Nicole. Saturday morning pre-nup we went for some brunch at Nighttown--re-dubbed Nightmoves by Nicole and her roommate.

Nighttown is a fairly classy joint with decent prices. On my budget it's certainly not a regular dining spot, but definitely not out of the question on certain occasions. Their dinner menu is pretty impressive as is their beer and wine list. The lunch menu has a solid selection of salads and sandwiches and there are daily brunch specials.

I opted for the omelet of the day: three eggs with gruyere, asparagus, and ham, I opted to hold the ham. The eggs were perfect! Light, fluffy, and with an amazing creamy quality that is so often cooked out of eggs by heavy handed cooks. The gruyere added to this, a rich full bodied white cheese, reminiscent of Swiss, but with less funk. The asparagus added much needed texture, perfectly blanched and still crisp, it was great contrast.

Nicole had the lobster Benedict, or lobster Benny as it was listed on the bill, pretty traditional eggs Benedict poached eggs with Canadian bacon and hollandaise on top of English muffins, but this dish got the bump from a healthy sprinkle of lobster meat! I've never been a huge eggs Benedict fan, I'm not wild about Canadian bacon or hollandaise sauce, but the bites I had, with and without lobster, were amazing! The Canadian bacon was perfectly cured and smoked and had a deep, rich smokiness that offered the perfect counterpoint to the creamy, citrus zing of the hollandaise. I think the reason I never liked this before was because I'd never had it properly prepared. It was fantastic on its own and outrageous with a little bit of lobster meat thrown in. Both plates came with sides of maybe the best home fries I've ever tasted. Crispy brown on the outside, light and fluffy inside, a little salt, pepper and a dash of hot sauce were all they needed.

Despite the evening leaning moniker, Nighttown is definitely worth an afternoon visit.

P.S., In a bizarre twist of fate the wedding reception buffet contained lobster ravioli. When was the last time you had lobster twice in one day?


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