Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot Dog Haji

A lot has been written about the almighty hot dog on WWEIL, and it's only fair that I chime in with my tale of tubed meat...

Under the pretense of recording with our band (SPD GVNR), Justin and I used our trip to Chicago to visit the hot dog institution, Hot Doug's.  As a Hot Doug's virgin, my excitement had been fueled by Justin's countless food-rotic tales.  After waiting in an uncharacteristically short line, we placed our order with Doug himself, took a seat, and was overcome with anxious anticipation.  Then.....BAM!  Payoff!

On the left...the Dave Kingman (formerly the Shawon Dunston and the Rick Reuschel)
Chicken Sausage topped with mustard, sauteed onions, tomato, neon relish, and a goddamned pickle.

The sausage had a nice spicy bite to it, and the toppings were a perfect compliment.  Perfect for condiment whores.  Delicious, but I still hate the Cubs.

On the right...Spicy Beef Hot Link with Coca Cola BBQ Sauce and Applewood Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Woah, nellie!  An immaculate compliment of sweet and spicy...then more spicy.

I'm glad to report that Hot Doug's lived up to it's reputation, and I lost my fancy sausage virginity with a smile on my face.  


Lucé said...

LOVE IT! Any vegan dogs for lovers of "tubed [soy] meat"?

jon said...

nick and justin do love their tube meats

justin said...

they do have a veggie dog, but i really don't understand why a vegetarian/vegan would go to hot doug's in the first place. i mean, if i had a severe dietary restriction, and there was a restaurant that only gave me one food option, i'd go somewhere else.

Lucé said...

I'd go to Hot Doug's if for instance, I wanted a (veggie) Hot Dog, one of my favorite foods. You can get Veggie Dogs in a few baseball parks around the country, or you can buy 'em at the store, but not many other places.

Actually, Justin, most restaurants only have one or two options for vegetarians and vegans anyways. I've spent the last decade of my life only enjoying one item from each restaurant in my vicinity. There are of course a few scattered Vegan/Vegetarian only dining spots in the hippest of areas...but it's not like I'm often reeling with choices.

Elissa said...

Definitely cuts down on "order deciding" time if there's only one thing on the menu you can eat. That's why my democratic attitude towards cuisine makes me so irritating to go eat dinner with!

Nik said...

The veggie dog is fantastic & better than any veggie dog I've ever found ... anywhere. Just because you're not a fan or don't understand it, justin, doesn't mean we who crave a Hot Doug veggie dog like it's crack aren't justified in going there. No offense, but it's true.

Lucé ... it's delicious. I've been there hundreds of times & have never been disappointed. Plus, there's absolutely nowhere that has the atmosphere of HD's or the charm of Doug himself.

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