Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Birth of a Blog: From Lowly Status Update to Mass Consumption

Sitting in front of my computer some morning last week, I was feeling some pressure to update my stale Facebook status. Having been in the work trenches all day, the only thing I could think to talk about was the deliciousness of the Trader Joe's soy yogurt I was devouring at that moment. It was everything I wanted at the end of a shit morning; with little bits of peach it had the exact texture and taste of dairy yogurt and was shocking in it's absolute perfection. It made me wonder why the Whole Foods brand I had got a few weeks ago could only muster an old vegetable taste. It gave the impression of dairy yogurt only in that if it hadn't been soy, I would have sworn it had curdled.

Updating my status to reflect this fact, I hadn't expected much of a response, but in only a few hours it had more garnered more comments than any actual update about my life. The next day I wrote about trying to make breakfast out of tortillas and peanut butter (due to a constant lack of funds for more meal-like prospects), and it got even more comments. It was at this point my friends and I decided that there needed to be more accessible writing about food we actually consume, that being waffles, novelty candy, booze, and philly chesse steaks (of the soy and meat/dairy variety). We are also pretty into concocting dishes, and planning theme dinner parties, so we figured an amalgamation of all of these things would make for pretty sweet reading. Have a taste, we know you'll agree.


emily said...

So do you have a tortilla that gets the Official Luce Seal of Approval? I have so many issues with them.

Lucé said...

Yes! I should have stated that. Any kind that Trader Joe's brand doesn't break apart when you roll it up. I've tried them recently, and I was delighted! I'll update the post on that, thanks for bringing that point up!

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