Thursday, May 21, 2009

you are what you eat

Since i never bothered to set up any sort of "home page" on my work computer every time I open Explorer I'm greeted by the MSN home page, which prominently features a box in the middle of my screen that flashes through a handful of the most current news topics. These range from general news updates to entertainment "news" ("Kris beats Adam" was one of today's), to the fascinatingly strange (and article listing the 100 things you didn't know about death was there a few weeks ago).

Today I was greeted by an article about the "Ten Foods You Should Eat But Don't." Seemed interesting enough so I clicked through the slide show and read the little blurbs about these "wonder foods" and was pleased to discover that there wasn't anything on this list I wouldn't eat, but, other than dark chocolate (the only chocolate really worth eating anyways) I don't eat these things nearly enough.

While I'm not wild about blue berries (the melon of the berry realm: bland, over used, wrongfully popular) or cherries (great big meh + pits = thanks-but-no-thanks), I will go to town on some kiwi, destroy some fresh coconut, and munch up some cooked kale like a bunny! I just need to make an effort to eat more of these and less of... well most of what I do eat.

Check out the article and the full list here:


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